Concrete Leveling

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Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling is a process in which uneven concrete is fixed by altering the underlying foundation. When your concrete slabs become unlevel either separately or because of severe cracks. Concrete leveling is a more accessible and more affordable alternative than replacing the slab altogether. Concrete leveling can be used in many places, including:

  • Factories
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Warehouses
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    Restore an Even Surface

    Benefits of Concrete Leveling

    Whether your concrete has aged, the weather has taken over, or the foundation has settled, many reasons can cause uneven concrete. Concrete leveling is an affordable alternative to replacing the entire slab so you can restore your concrete to a beautiful and even surface. Below you’ll find great benefits of concrete leveling!

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    Lower Cost

    When your concrete is uneven, it can cause many other issues than just being unsightly. You can choose to remove the uneven concrete and repour a new slab, but that takes more time but can become costly. Concrete leveling is the most affordable way to fix unlevel concrete while being done quickly.

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    Address The Main Issue

    Another benefit of concrete leveling is addressing the root of the problem. Uneven concrete is caused by an even foundation, whether caused by weather, age, or other factors. If you tear out your concrete slab and replace it with a freshly poured slab, it can have the same problems if the foundation isn’t fixed.

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    Quick and Easy

    Concrete leveling is quick and easy when done by a professional. If you choose to have a new slab poured as opposed to leveling, even done by a professional, it will take much longer. The old slab has to be removed, and a new slab poured and cured.

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    Driveways can be a common place to find uneven concrete. There are many different reasons that concrete driveways can become uneven, including weather and even tree roots. An uneven driveway can cause added wear and tear to your car tires and become a tripping hazard. Having uneven concrete driveways is not only an eyesore to your property. Still, it can decrease the value of your home as well.


    Uneven concrete can occur in your patio area because of weather or water, creating a surface that appears to be sinking. This can be dangerous and cause many different hazards like tripping or further property damage. When your concrete begins to sink and become uneven, it will decrease the value of your home, but the longer you wait to fix it, the worse off the problem gets.

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    Concrete Leveling


    When concrete becomes uneven on walkways, it can pose a significant hazard. If it goes noticed or it’s dark, it’s easy to get tripped up and hurt yourself. Having an uneven walkway makes your home’s entryway look bad, which can decrease the value of your home. Depending on the location of your walkway, having an uneven concrete walkway can cause structural issues with your home.

    Fixing Your Uneven Concrete With Concrete Leveling

    Different Methods to Fix
    Uneven Concrete

    When concrete needs leveled, the primary type of leveling is called mud jacking. Mudjacking is the preferred method for concrete leveling. This method is highly effective and is guaranteed to last longer. This process takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete and restores the integrity of the concrete. Small holes are drilled into the settled concrete, and a cement mixture is pumped to stabilize the slab. Once these voids are filled, pressure lifts the slabs back into place. Caulk is then added to the holes, and the surface is ready for use.

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    The Cost of Concrete Leveling

    Concrete leveling is incredibly affordable for homeowners who need to fix this blemish. Not only does unlevel concrete look terrible, but it is a significant hazard for tripping and falling. If you don’t choose concrete leveling, you have to take up and repour the concrete slab, which may not fix the root of the problem and will cost more and take more time. The average cost is about $900, but you can spend as little as $300 depending on size.

    The Longevity of Concrete Leveling

    How long your concrete leveling will last is dependent on a few different factors. If your concrete is newer and hasn’t had much time to settle, it can last for about 5 to 7 years, depending on the cause and how well it is maintained after. If the foundation issues or other issues that caused the unevenness have been treated, you can expect your concrete leveling to last as long as your concrete slab will.

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    Our concrete leveling services are done at a budget-friendly price and are guaranteed to last for years! With proper maintenance, they can last as long as your concrete slab.

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    We take the safety of our team and every job seriously. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured to keep everyone safe and deliver excellent service.

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    At Epoxy Maryland, our team comes to each job with many years of knowledge and experience to guarantee you concrete leveling is done correctly and quickly.

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    Epoxy Maryland is seasoned when it comes to concrete work, and concrete leveling is no exception. We can help you fix your concrete with leveling to bring it back to an even surface that will decrease your trip hazards and increase property value. We can get your concrete fixed quickly at an affordable price. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote!