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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is excellent for commercial spaces, not only providing beauty but strength and durability as well. Commercial spaces like businesses, restaurants, and factories need flooring that is easily cleaned and maintained and can meet the high demand in these areas. There are many great benefits to commercial epoxy flooring.

  • Long-Lasting
  • Easily Maintained
  • Many Design Options
  • Durability
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    A Durable Flooring for Any Setting

    Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial properties utilize epoxy flooring because of its many different benefits. The durability and strength of this floor are among the most essential advantages of creating a long-lasting surface with proper care. This affordable flooring solution provides many different design and color options perfect for all different types of commercial areas.

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    These floors are incredibly durable, which is beneficial to any commercial space. Epoxy floors are stain-resistant to even the harshest of chemicals, including oils and gasoline. Heavy foot traffic won’t wear down on these floors, and heavy machinery often found in commercial settings won’t cause epoxy floors to buckle under pressure. These impact-resistant floors will never crack or chip because they’re incredibly durable.

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    Customization Options

    There are different types of epoxy to choose from that all offer different design options. There are many different colors to choose from that you can use to mark off the different areas in your commercial space, such as forklift areas. Commercial areas can choose to have standard epoxy, metallic epoxy, or decorative flake epoxy, all of which offer different design options but all the same great benefits.

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    Easily Maintained

    Commercial epoxy floors are easily maintained, which is essential in commercial kitchens and factories. A simple dust mop and broom are all it takes to keep the floor clean. Epoxy flooring has a seamless installation that repels dust and dirt and prevents bacteria from forming. Keeping a clean floor is vital for commercial areas’ safety just as much as keeping looking great.

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    Factories can benefit significantly from epoxy flooring. This flooring solution repels dirt and dust that is commonly found in factories making for a cleaner and safer workplace. Epoxy flooring comes in many different styles and colors that can benefit different parts of factories. In the lobby, you may find metallic epoxy to greet clients with an elegant look. At the same time, other parts of the factory may utilize the simplicity of standard epoxy.

    Hair Salons

    Hair salons are perfect areas to use epoxy flooring! This seamless flooring makes cleaning easy without the use of specialty cleaners. Not only does it repel dirt and dust, but it will also make it easier to keep hair cleaned off the floors. This durable flooring also comes in many different designs and colors that can bring a unique look to your salon generating more clients.

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    Commercial Kitchens

    Commercial kitchens need a flooring that is not only durable but easily cleaned. Epoxy floorings are resistant to stains like oils commonly used in cooking. This flooring repels dirt and prevents bacteria from the flooring. Not only is it easily cleaned, but it will stay sanitary as well. Commercial kitchens become slick quickly, but epoxy flooring can have slip-resistant additives to help keep employees safe while completing food preparation.

    We Make Commercial Installation Easy

    Epoxy Flooring Installation

    The installation process of a commercial epoxy flooring is a breeze for our team of professionals. The first step in the epoxy installation is the preparation of the concrete. This is a crucial step in the process because this step is what makes the epoxy have a superior bond. Concrete is repaired if cracks are present and ground down to an even but porous state. The epoxy mixture is then prepared and adequately mixed. After the mixture is ready, it is applied to the concrete using a squeegee for an even layer. Finally, it is recommended a top coat sealer is applied, and the flooring is allowed to cure.

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    The Cost of Commercial Epoxy Floors

    The cost of commercial epoxy floors is dependant on different factors such as which epoxy design you choose and the square footage of the area. The surface preparation of these floors can also influence the cost of epoxy flooring, depending on any repairs that may need to be done. Generally, you can expect a professional to charge anywhere from $2 to $10 per square foot to install epoxy flooring.

    The Longevity of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    One of the greatest things about epoxy flooring solutions is the longevity of this flooring. This flooring is simple to clean and maintain, which is essential in the durability of the floor. With proper care and maintenance, these floors are expected to last for 20 years or more! Keeping your floors swept regularly is part of the simple maintenance routine of epoxy flooring systems. As long as a routine is followed, these floors will remain durable for years to come!

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