Industrial Epoxy

Durable Floors for Your Industrial Space!

Industrial Epoxy

Epoxy flooring in your industrial facility can be the perfect solution to all your flooring needs! These sturdy floors can withstand the high demands of industrial work while performing at the highest level. Our company offers industrial epoxy installation and benefits like:

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    The Benefits of Industrial Epoxy

    Industrial epoxy offers a wide variety of benefits for your facility. These floor coatings will make your concrete stronger, last longer, and more resistant to a variety of substances! Below, you can see some of the most notable benefits of installing industrial epoxy.

    industrial epoxy floor coating

    Unmatched Durability

    Industrial epoxy is one of the most robust flooring systems available! This durable concrete coating can endure high levels of foot and vehicle traffic, hard impacts from heavy objects, and rough abrasions without being damaged in the process. This unmatched durability makes epoxy coatings ideal for industrial settings, such as production floors, manufacturing plants, and factories. The constant wear and tear that these facilities are subject to is no match for industrial epoxy flooring.

    industrial grade epoxy floor coating

    Chemical Resistance

    Industrial epoxy is highly resistant to various chemicals that are present in industrial facilities. Frequently, these chemicals will eat away at traditional flooring systems or permanently stain them. With industrial epoxy, spilled chemicals can easily be wiped up with the appropriate materials without damaging or staining the floor. Spills should still be cleaned up right away to avoid discoloration from extended exposure or slip hazards. Epoxy can also resist moisture and water without buckling or becoming damaged!

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    Increased Longevity

    One of the most notable benefits of epoxy for industrial floors is its increased longevity. When properly installed and maintained, industrial epoxy floors can last for 25 years or more before wearing down. This increased longevity can save your industrial facility thousands in repairs and costly replacement jobs. Traditional industrial flooring can quickly crack, chip, or develop pits over the years, creating hazardous working conditions and resulting in expensive repairs. This will not be an issue for industrial epoxy.

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    Standard Epoxy

    Standard epoxy coatings are the most basic form of industrial epoxy that we offer. These coatings can be created with single or multiple colors and various patterns to suit your facility’s needs. Whether you choose to keep your floor a solid color or use various colors to designate walkways or restricted areas, our professionals can make it happen. A standard epoxy floor is an excellent way to update your industrial flooring without breaking the bank!

    Decorative Flake Epoxy

    Decorative flake epoxy frequently sees use in industrial facilities due to the texture that it provides. By layering acrylic chips in the epoxy resin, your industrial floor will have a skid-resistant texture while providing an attractive look to your space. These chips come in a myriad of colors and sizes to choose from to fit your specific needs. Flake sizes range from 1/16 inches to 1 inch. The flakes can be broadcast from light to heavy as well, depending on your design preferences.

    industrial epoxy concrete floor coating
    industrial epoxy flooring systems

    Metallic Epoxy

    Though it’s not seen in industrial settings as much as standard or flake epoxy, metallic epoxy is an exceptional choice for your facility! This high-gloss epoxy floor highly reflects ambient and natural light. This reflective nature allows the epoxy floor to help with your industrial business’ energy efficiency as it can reduce the need for additional lighting in your facility. Metallic epoxy creates beautiful, unique designs as metallic pigments are mixed into the resin as it’s applied.

    Fast Installation by Qualified Professionals

    The Industrial
    Epoxy Installation Process

    The installation process for industrial epoxy involves a few different steps. First, we’ll clean and inspect your existing floor for damage. If any damage is found, we’ll repair it before moving to the next step. Next, we’ll grind the floor down with a floor grinder equipped with a diamond wheel to ensure proper adhesion of the epoxy. Once the floor is ground, we’ll apply the epoxy floor coating. We’ll apply multiple coats to get the epoxy to your preferred thickness, and then the floor will need to cure. Industrial epoxy is 90% cured after 24 hours while it’s 100% cured after 72 hours.

    epoxy industrial flooring systems
    industrial epoxy floor coating system

    The Cost of Industrial Epoxy

    The price of industrial epoxy floor coatings depends on several factors, such as the size of your space, the style of epoxy you chose, and the complexity of the design. Typically, the larger the size of your area, the less the price per square foot will be while the smaller the size, the higher the price. All these factors combine to determine the actual cost of installation. You can expect to pay roughly around $3 to $10 per square foot for your industrial epoxy flooring in most cases.

    Maintaining Your Industrial Epoxy Floor

    The maintenance of industrial epoxy flooring is a quick and easy process. You’ll not have to worry about significant downtime for your industrial business while maintaining this flooring system. Daily sweeping or dust mopping to remove any dirt or debris is all that regular maintenance requires. If your floor becomes overly soiled for some reason, wet mopping should be more than enough to clean your floors. With these simple practices, your industrial epoxy floor should stay beautiful and shining for years to come!

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    30 Years of Experience

    With three decades of experience, we know the ins and outs of epoxy flooring. This allows us to create high-quality epoxy floors, every time.

    Top-rated Services

    We are a top-rated epoxy flooring company. Our team provides the best customer service and quality craftsmanship on the market!

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    We strive to provide competitive prices for all of our services to keep our flooring solutions accessible to as many people as possible!

    Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

    We are licensed, bonded, and insured to protect our clients throughout the installation process. You deserve some peace of mind when you choose us.

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    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

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